Wishing I could touch your lips, feeling lonely at night , wanting to be in your arms, I realize not all wishes come true. Eyes feeling with tears as the minutes pass by without being in your arms or being near you. Feeling up with emotions that can not be explained  to the exstent  of understanding which these emotions are so unpleasant. Can only dream of this wish some day, believing that one day it will but the long days without this love is torture that must be suffered through.



I’m speechless on what to say . Sometimes there is just nothing to say and to just speak from the heart where it really counts. Have you ever had to deal with people that just cause you pain an agony because they just wont let your past go? They don’t realize what is happening to you inside just breaking you little by little. Each feeling and emotion being torn down by that individual and all is left is heart ache and sadness. Just wanting to give up because you feel there is nothing left but the thing is keep hope and don’t let them get you down keep hope and faith.