London Boy

How I wish……

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I dare say I missed you. That I have been missing you of late.

I still remember your silhouette, how your neck is at an angle when you sleep, that there is pointlessness in me creeping around the room because you don’t seem to wake to sounds. We have not taken any pictures. You bought me a very un-London-ish dinner; I was delighted. You said I am mellow, you couldn’t believe how mellow I am and you loved it. Why are these thoughts running randomly through my mind? I remember the oddest details – the texture of your carpet, the stack of books by the wall and how you collect soft toys that have been abandoned on sidewalks (you probably don’t know that soft toys are my biggest weakness and comfort), that we kiss in your kitchen and I love how you smelt, I like, too, how your flat smacks…

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