23 Flattering Words That Boys Use And How To Interpret Them

Wish all guys knew the meaning of all these words but know they want to be dumb

Thought Catalog

1. Hot – “You have nice boobs. I would like to see your tan lines.”

2. Smart – “I am intimidated by you. Talk about baseball now.”

3. Gorgeous – “You have a hella body and a pretty ok face too.”

4. Funny – “Stop being weird.”

5. Beautiful – “You are essentially perfect in every way. This is the highest level of physical attraction flattery I can possibly bestow on a woman and you deserve it, my queen.” (Author note: rare.)

6. Sweet – “I really appreciate you sending me that Buzzfeed link of Honey Boo-Boo outtakes. Let’s just be friends.”

7. Sexy – “I am currently imagining you in a dog collar.”

8. Fun – “I really like getting drunk/high and watching Fight Club with you.”

9. Cute – “I know you like them but please stop wearing rompers every time we hang out.”

10. Wild – “Did…

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