10 Incredibly Unhealthy, Glorious Food Creations That Are Worth Every Single Calorie

Thought Catalog

Some eat to live, but those of us living to eat will take great pleasure in this compilation of things that are terrible and perfect for our hearts all at once. Just look. This is food porn folks, NSFH (not safe for hungry). Some will find it vulgar, almost obscene and offensive to their diet, while others will have to dry their watering mouths as they struggle to hold it together reading and seeing these luxurious creations.

1. Pizookies

WARM, SOFT, OVERSIZED COOKIE + COLD, SWEET, TEMPERATURE COMPLIMENTARY ICE CREAM = HAPPY, HAPPY MOUTH JOY. Don’t eat just any Pizookie. Applebee’s will give you mediocrity a la mode, but find a BJ’s Restaurant or a local joint that does ‘em right. When made with tender love and care, these things make their case for best dessert in existence. I’m not exaggerating here, even when I’ve had lactose issues I happily…

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