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Tulle and Trinkets

Indianapolis Fashion BloggerIndianapolis Fashion BloggerIndianapolis Fashion Blogger

Indianapolis Fashion Blogger

Indianapolis Fashion Blogger

Indianapolis Fashion Blogger

Indianapolis Fashion Blogger

Gap Tee, Cardigan C/O OASAP, Woodland Feature Skirt – Modcloth, JCrew Tights, Jessica Simpson Boots

Hello! How was your weekend? Chris was out of town visiting a friend, so I had a bit of me time. I got the whole house cleaned, went antiquing with Karin, baked chocolate chip cookie bars, caught up on my TV shows, did my nails, got some yard work done, and did our shopping for the week. It was a rejuvenating and productive weekend! As much as I love having Chris around, sometimes it’s nice to be on my own agenda ;).

On a more style-related note, how fun is the cardinal print on this Modcloth skirt?! As a country girl at heart, this skirt spoke to me, and it’s proving to be the perfect fall skirt when paired with a cardigan, tights, and boots. A little bit country, a little bit vintage-inspired…

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Practically Perfect in Every Way

Musings of an Aspie


You’re such a perfectionist.

Are you cringing after reading that? I am.

Perfectionist is rarely used in a positive context. As a put down, it’s a polite stand-in for rigid, controlling, procrastinating, slow, nitpicky, paralyzed. Even when people try to use it in a positive context, it rarely casts a favorable light. “Your strengths? Well, you’re a perfectionist . . . that can be a good thing.”

The Roots of Perfectionism

Perfectionism is basically the flip side of catastrophizing, with a side of control freak. Let’s face it–not a positive character trait.

I say this as a lifelong and unreformed perfectionist.

And because I’ve been a perfectionist for as long as I can remember, I’ve given a lot of thought to the why’s and how’s of it. Perfectionism is believed to be rooted in childhood. We somehow get the idea in our heads that we’re valued for…

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pumpkin rice pudding

daisy's world

Pumpkin Rice Pudding |

I have been a big fan of rice pudding since I discovered it at Rice to Riches, in New York City. Sweet and creamy,  it is one of my ultimate comfort foods. I love its versatility since it may be eaten warm, right out of the pan, or cold, after chilling in the fridge for an hour or so. Rice pudding makes a wonderful dessert, afternoon snack, or as a delicious alternate to oatmeal in the mornings. It is also easy to customize with a variety of spices and other flavorings. (For inspiration, check out the Rice to Riches website as they offer over 30 flavors!) Rice pudding is cooked in one of three ways: on the stove, in the oven, or in a crockpot. I prefer to cook mine on the stovetop because it is ready in about 30 minutes and has a softer and creamier consistency.

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