The Literary Girlfriend: The Party Scene

Dysfunctional Literacy

Emma and Literary Girlfriend

It’s never good to see your girlfriend dancing with another guy.  The girlfriend and the guy dancing might say it’s harmless, but it really shouldn’t happen.  However, I knew that’s what I was going to see.  I knew it.  I had just pissed off Danielle, and she was vindictive.  She even told me she was vindictive when we first met, and I had witnessed it (toward other people) a couple times.  I had just embarrassed her, and I was sure calling me an asshole in front of Kirk and a few other guys wasn’t going to be the end of it. Nothing good was going to come from this.  But I had to see anyway.

Danielle was on the other side of the high-ceilinged, open living room, dancing with Jerome to the song “Scary Monsters,” and my first impulse was to rush across the room and belt him.  Yeah, Jerome…

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