Sweet Potato and Gruyère Pie with Pecans

The Garum Factory

Sweet Potato and Gruyère Pie with Pecans-13163

A baker friend who follows our blog remarked to me the other day, “I love it when there’s an ingredient missing in your photographs.”  Really?  “It means you’re human, you’re not perfect!”  Indeed not.  Most of our blog posts are a quick slide on roller skates across a frozen pond while juggling oranges as the ice melts.  Jody assembles ingredients for, say, Sweet Potato and Gruyère Pie with Pecans.  “That’s everything,” she insists.  Except when it’s not.  While most of the food you see here is part of our regular repertoire, Jody sometimes thinks blog = food lab, and uses our blogging session to experiment, including this week’s hybrid of pie-tart-quiche.  When Jody says, Trust me, that’s everything, darling (that’s not exactly what she says) I plow ahead and take the photograph.  But what about the ingredient that showed up for the photograph, but was never used…

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