Fond Memories of Great Books!

Dysfunctional Literacy

Most readers remember the great books for their content.  That’s not always the case with me.  I forget most of the details about most books I read after I’ve finished reading them.  I’ve even forgotten the details of the great novels.  But I have wonderful memories of a lot of great books, not for the characters or the prose, but for what was going on in my life when I read the books or the circumstances in which I read them. 

Below are three books that I know I liked a lot. I don’t remember much about these novels, but I have great memories about reading them.  

The Shining – by Stephen King. 

I was a teenager, and it was summer, and I had never read a Stephen King book before.  In front of me, I had a choice of three books: Carrie, The Shining, or The Stand

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