Skirt DIY ideas


As part of my classic new years eve resolutions, I’ve decided (just like last year, the year before and the year before that) to stop buying so many clothes and up-cycle my existing wardrobe, starting with skirts (why not). Sooo here are a few inspirational pictures for skirt DIYs.

Add tulle of lace all over the skirt, or at the bottom only (pictures are from the Sartorialist and aPair&aSpare)


Add a piece of colourful fabric or a frill to pimp a classic monotone skirt :


..I was also thinking of adding jewels to a straight skirt, of cutting out scallops at the bottom, and of course I always like to cut 5 cm off the bottom of all skirts and dresses that do not look short enough to me, then regret that it’s just not wearable to work, to family parties, without black tights and with high heels.


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Sewing Project #8 – Printed Georgette Tank Top

The Dressmaker's Trunk

Did you know that tank tops were actually an undergarment worn under a Tshirt or top! When you hear the word tank top, the loose white sleeveless outfit comes on your mind, right? The Tank top fashion took off around 1970 or 1980’s, later on it became a popular item for both men and women to wear as an outer garment. Some of the printed tank tops took inspiration from the great graphic artists. Today,  Tank tops come in wide array of different styles and prints.  

Now we shift to the tank top I made! As you can see in the pictures, it is a geometric printed fabric with the dash of pink and purple colour.

Printed Tank Top

I came across this print in lot of fabric shops in Mumbai. The print itself is pleasing so I thought of making it a simple tank top rather than a complex design.

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MADE: Vintage 1960’s inspired Chocolate Chip Christmas Hat

Gwenstella Made

vintage 1960s inspired knitted hatvintage 1960s inspired knitted hatHappy New Year everyone! I hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year’s. I was away for the entire month of December as I had been busy with my work and life in general. More importantly, I spent Christmas with my boyfriend in Texas and got to meet his family and friends for the first time!

And because it was winter, I got to wear all the coats and hats and boots and everything that I haven’t had the chance to wear since I moved back to Singapore 3 years ago. But I still couldn’t resist knitting something new.. especially since I still have so many balls of yarn in my stash!

Bernat 1969 hat knitting patternBernat 1969 hat knitting pattern

I saw this photo of a vintage 1969 knitted hat featured in an old Bernat knitting pattern magazine and I was smitten! The hat looked like it was made with a bulky yarn in the photo, but…

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My (soon to be) first dive into the art world.

Art, Travel, Life

Starry_Night_Over_the_RhoneThis year, well every year after schooling years to be exact, is one filled with changes. I sometimes find myself being an unwilling player in the bigger scheme of things; I am too afraid and unsure of myself to step up at times and in others, too eager and “smart” resulting in erroneous judgments that led to an eventual ending of relationships or matters.

Regardless. It is now the end of the year. It is the time where resolutions are rechecked and ticked (or willfully ignored) – perhaps resolutions no longer exists for some of us as we delve deeper into our individual lives and care less about the collective thoughts. What matters anyways? We live in a world where individuals document every thought that is usually rusty rather than golden – to my unfortunate self-esteem, I am amongst them. Yet. Isn’t it wonderful to delve into the public lives of others…

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